When: 9 March, 2020
Rubens Auditorium, Palace of the Academies, Brussels, metro station: Troon

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13.00 Welcome session. Session Moderator: PROTECT Communications Coordinator, Mari Lund Eide, University of Bergen
  • Frank Caestecker, Leader of the Conference Organization Committee, Ghent Universtiy
  • Hakan G. Sicakkan, Chair of the PROTECT Consortium, University of Bergen
  • Jan Oskar Engene, Head of the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen
13.10 Session 1: What does the Global Compact on Refugees aim at? What will CEAS do? What will PROTECT research? Session moderator: Prof. Simon Usherwood, University of Surrey
  • The Global Refugee Compact & the Global Refugee Forum: Achievements and Expectations, Sophie Magennis, Head of Policy and Legal Affairs, UNHCR Regional Office in Brussels
  • Compatibility of GRC with the objectives of CEAS, Presenter TBA, European Commission, Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs, C.3 Asylum Unit
  • Do European Asylum Procedures meet the protection and burden-sharing requirements of GRC? Catherine Woollard, Secretary General, European Council of Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)
  • PROTECT and the future of the right to international protection, Hakan G. Sicakkan, Professor and Principal Investigator of PROTECT
14.30 Coffee, refreshments and mingling
14.45 Session 2: Roundtable of PROTECT WP leaders. Session Moderator: Prof. Idil Atak, Ryerson University
  • Presentations of PROTECT work packages: WP2 by Prof. Jürgen Bast, WP3 by Prof. Frank Caestecker, WP4 by Prof. Christine M. Jacobsen. WP5 by Prof. Simon Usherwood. WP6 by Dr. Pierre Van Wolleghem, WP7.1 by Dr. Boris Mance, and WP7.2 by Prof. Anamaria Dutceac Segesten
  • Comments by UNHCR, EU, ECRE, PROTECT’s International Advisory Board and audience
15.30 Coffee, refreshments and mingling
15.45 Session 3: Exploring key issues for PROTECT, Session Moderator: Prof. Jürgen Bast, University of Giessen
  • Refugee governance then, now and the future as foreseen in GRC, Frank Caestecker, Professor, Ghent University
  • Are lessons on implementation of international soft law on migrants and refugees relevant for the implementation of the two compacts? Kees Groenendijk, Professor emer., University of Nijmegen
  • Why and how do we need to include the UN Global Migration Compact as a factor while assessing the Global Refugee Compact? Elspeth Guild, Professor, Queen Mary University of London
16.30 Session 4: Roundtable discussion – The conditions and prospects for the success of the Global Refugee Compact. Session Moderator: Dr. Dario Mazzola, University of Bergen
  • Moderator contextualizes and poses the question
  • Short introductory answers by the UNHCR, EU, ECRE, Prof. Kees Groenendijk, University of Nijmegen, Prof. Elspeth Guild, Queen Mary University of London, Prof. Jo Vearey, University of Witwatersrand, Prof. Jürgen Bast, University of Giessen, Prof. Idil Atak, Ryerson University
  • The floor opens to the audience
17.30 Closure