The impacts of the GRC and the GMC on the right to international protection: interactions with pre-existing legal frames of protection

What is the normative status of innovatory instruments such as the Global Compacts and how do they interact with international and European legal frameworks concerning migration and asylum laws? How can they be better aligned with human rights instruments? WP2 addresses this question by disentangling several layers of complexity: the mixed EU and member state competences involved in the compacts, but also the diversity of approaches between EU states, who do and do not sign the Compacts. Moreover, the relative continuities and misalignments are investigated by putting them in a global context and by providing comparative studies of the South African and Canadian normative scenarios. To summarize, the core of WP2 is a research into the legal relations between the Compacts, migrant and refugee rights as sanctioned by international law, and the prospects for CEAS reform.

Watch WP co-leader Professor Jürgen Bast present Work Package 2:

Work Package 2 is co-led by the Justus-Liebig University Giessen and the Queen Mary University of London.

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