Providing effective protection to refugees is in everyone’s interest

Press Release 1 March 2023

Safeguarding the Right to International Protection

Press Release 7 February 2023

Horizon 2020 Joint Virtual Event on the Protection of Ukrainian Refugees

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Press Release 27 April 2022

Policy Roundtable on Co‐designing an inclusive Europe

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Press Release 16 February 2022

What does an ideal refugee protection system look like? PROTECT’s research offers some answers

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Fires in Moria camp leave thousands of vulnerable refugees homeless – what now, EU?

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“The US is not safe for asylum seekers: rescind the Safe Third Country Agreement now” – comments by criminology scholars Idil Atak, Zainab Abu Alrob, and Jona Zyfi

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#WorldRefugeeDay 2020: all-time high displacement and the impact of PROTECT’s research

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How is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting refugees and migrants in Greece and Italy? Comments by Dr. Theofanis Exadaktylos and Professor Francesca Longo

Professor Idil Atak comments on current situation for refugees and migrants in Canada amidst Covid-19 pandemic

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How is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the lives and rights of refugees in France? Insights from field researcher Professor Christine Jacobsen

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