Public deliverables

D5.8 Journal article draft on theoretical framing of contextual factors’ relationship with refugee and asylum rights work by civil society groups

D1.1 The Overall Theoretical Perspective

D1.2 The Overall Comparative Research Design

D1.3 The Overall Framework to be used in the Final Study

Journal articles

May 2021: In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, the EU discourse on migration has acquired a humanitarian dimension that deserves investigation. The European Commission in particular has provided a discursive conceptualisation of the European human and humane approach to migration, promoting a change in the EU migration frame. Qualitative discourse analysis suggests that the European Commission’s programmatic discourse is not just a coordinative discourse among policy actors, it rather aims to shape the preferences of EU policy-makers emphasising strategic ideas and principles enshrined in EU Treaties. The Covid-19 crisis could thus be a window of opportunity for the European Union to embark on a new migration governance framed within a humane approach.

By Stefania Panebianco, the University of Catania

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