The UN’s 1951 Refugee Convention and the EU’s Common European Asylum Policy lack instruments to facilitate inter-state collaboration on refugee protection. The UN has recently initiated two Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration to facilitate international collaboration. The EU has proposed a New Migration and Asylum Pact for the same purpose. Neither specifies how state policies and governance should be devised to achieve this goal despite the diversity of state policies is a major reason for the decay of international refugee protection. PROTECT aims to tackle this challenge.

In order to present the main objectives of the project – to the general public, international organizations, governments, policymakers at other levels, practitioners, non-state organizations, and the refugee research community -, together with Science Animated and sponsored by the University of Bergen, we have created the following promotion video on Devising Policy for a Human-Rights Based Refugee Protection System:

The video has been produced within our Work Package 9 on Dissemination, Communication, and exploitation of Knowledge.