Simon Usherwood is the Principal Investigator of The Open University and a deputy member of Protect’s Steering Committee.

Usherwood’s background in studying eurosceptic groups across Europe overlaps clearly with the Protect objectives, while his very extensive public engagement activities as the former Deputy Director of the ESRC “UK in a Changing Europe” program has given him much experience in connecting academic work with specialist and non-specialist groups. 

He co-leads PROTECT’s dissemination and engagement work (WP9) in close collaboration with the University of Bergen, the Ryerson University and the University of Surrey. In addition to that, The Open University co-leads the work in Work Package (WP) 5, surveying civil society organizations’ role in the process of international migration, seeking to understand how they shape policy, public narratives, and the practical implementation of the high concepts of the Global Compact on Refugees.

Watch Usherwood’s presentation on WP5, below:

Photo: the University of Surrey

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