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How do pandemics and shut borders affect...

In this blog post two Protect researchers share their reflections on border control and pandemics. Professor Elspeth Guild reflects upon how shutting Europe’s internal and external borders amidst the Covid19-outbreak might pose a threat to human rights. Professor Frank Caestecker looks at how pandemics throughout history have led to stricter border control and xenophobia.  Do Europe’s shut borders pose a threat to human […]

How is the Corona pandemic affecting the...

Christine Jacobsen is a professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen, Norway. For many years, she has conducted fieldwork among asylum seekers and undocumented migrants in Marseilles, France. She is now observing how the ongoing corona pandemic is affecting their situation: Terrible living and sanitation conditions make preventive measures impossible: “Many refugees and […]

PROTECT successfully launched in Brussel...

A number of high profile representatives from the academic community, civil society organisations, and international organisations were present for Protect’s kick-off conference in Brussels on 9 March. The conference allowed both attendees and stakeholders to become more familiar with Protect’s research objectives and involved partners. Key speakers from United Nation’s Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) also stressed the urgency of Protect’s research, given the recent […]

PROTECT represented at the first Global ...

Photo of Hakan Sicakkan

This text was first published on The University of Bergen’s website. Author: Sverre Ole Drønen In December 2019, Professor and PI of PROTECT, Hakan G. Sicakkan, participated in a first gathering in Geneva for the UN High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) Global Academic Network. The gathering took place as part of the UN’s Global Refugee […]

Kick-Off Conference Program

Kick off conference program

When: 9 March, 2020Where: Rubens Auditorium, Palace of the Academies, Brussels, metro station: Troon > Watch: Visit our YouTube channel to watch the full conference THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE GLOBAL REFUGEE COMPACT FOR THE RIGHT TO INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION 14.30 Coffee, refreshments and mingling 15.30 Coffee, refreshments and mingling 17.30 Closure

PROTECT team invited to workshop on Scie...

Text: Sverre-Ole DrønenPhotos: Eivind Senneseth No less than three Horizon 2020 projects were presented as part of the workshop Science Diplomacy in the Age of the SDGs on 5 February 2020 during the SDG Conference Bergen. Four leading international researchers presented their visions for improving science advice to decision-makers. PROTECT’s PI, Hakan Sicakkan shared experiences […]

The PROTECT kick-off conference is now o...

When: 9 March 2020, 1 pm – 5:30 pm. Where: Rubens Auditorium, The Palace of the Academies, Brussels, metro station Troon Conference aims Economic and political crises combined with massive migrant and refugee flows have resulted in further reluctance to recognize international law as a legitimate source of national policymaking. Reactions to migrant and refugee […]

Interviewing PROTECT’s Principal Investi

This text was first published on The University of Bergen’s website. Text author: Ole Marius KvammePhoto: Eivind Senneset “This project will enhance our knowledge of how society handles global migration. It will be the first major research project to systematically evaluate the processes of the UN’s new global compacts for migration and refugees. “These compacts can lead […]