The University of Surrey in South East of England is one of two UK-based partners contributing to Protect in a number of key areas. The team is led by Professor of Politics, Simon Usherwood. Joining him are his Surrey colleagues, Dr. Alia Middleton and Dr. Theofanis Exadaktylos.

Meet the Surrey team 

The Surrey team is leading the work in Work Package (WP) 5, surveying civil society organizations’ role in the process of international migration, seeking to understand how they shape policy, public narratives, and the practical implementation of the high concepts of the Global Compact on Refugees. The team is also a lead on the work in WP9, the engagement and dissemination activities of the project, building links with key stakeholders, and ensuring that Protect delivers a range of outputs that meet the needs of our various audiences.  

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Simon Usherwood

Simon Usherwood is the Principal Investigator of the Surrey team and a deputy member of Protect’s Steering Committee. Usherwood’s background in studying eurosceptic groups across Europe overlaps clearly with the Protect objectives, while his very extensive public engagement activities as the former Deputy Director of the ESRC “UK in a Changing Europe” program has given him much experience in connecting academic work with specialist and non-specialist groups. In the video below, Usherwood talks about his contributions to Protect. Also watch: Who are the Protect researchers?

Photo: The University of Surrey

Theofanis Exadaktylos

Dr. Theofanis Exadaktylos is a Senior Lecturer in European politics at the University of Surrey. He has been researching the Greek financial crisis and the aftermath of austerity politics on Greece for many years alongside studying the implementation of public policy reforms in the country. Exadaktylos is involved in the research of Work Package 4, led by Professor Christine M. Jacobsen, which entails running fieldwork in Greek camps and collecting data on the lived experience of refugees and migrants. 

In a blog post on the Protect blog, Dr. Exadaktylos shares his insights on how the Corona pandemic is affecting the Greek refugee camps.

Photo: The University of Surrey

Alia Middleton

Dr. Alia Middleton is a Lecturer in Politics at the University of Surrey. She has expertise in political participation, including interest group professionalization and policy engagement in European politics. Middleton brings wide-ranging knowledge and application of quantitative research techniques – in particular questionnaire design, administration, and analysis – to Protect. Dr. Middleton will contribute to the work of Work Package 5, presented by WP leader, Professor Usherwood in the video below.

Photo: The University of Surrey

Simon Usherwood presents Work Package 5

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